Three teams fighting for Victory this weekend in Lempäälä

Similarly to the leg in Olustvere – at the Final leg we’ll have three teams competing – Eventers from Estonia and Finnish teams Team North Star & My Way.

Between the three teams in the Final, Estonian team has the best chances for Victory at this point while they won the 1-st leg in Strömsholm and got the second place in Olustvere recieving 14 points in total. As for the other podium spots – Team North Star has earned 8 points & My Way 3 points.

Given the circumstances that the 3rd leg in Finland will give points as the 2nd leg in Olustvere – First place 8 points, Second place 5 points, Third place 3 points – it is enough for Estonian Eventers  team to make it to the finishline to lock their victory. But ass we know in sports – nothing is clear before the competition is done! We’re looking forward to the exciting competition!


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