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´´We develop knowledge, horses and people´´. Together with the two other national centers, Wången and Flyinge, our mission is to educate future professional equestrians in the sport and leisure aspects of today’s horse sector. Our teachers and trainers have Olympic credentials, professorships, and deep experience in their areas of expertise. Some of our courses aren’t offered anywhere else in the world.

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The tradition of equestrian events in Olustvere starts from 1970`s when very successful jumping events were organized. In good collaboration with local school of service and rural economics afrer around 10 years break we started to organize events again when 2016 first international driving event had its success and 2018 first international eventing  competition was organized. We develop our venue year by year, constructing new obstacles and ground work to make the cross country.

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Our family has been competing in international level in eventing many years. Our passion is eventing and organizing this event here in Finland is one way to make dreams come true.
This is now third time we’re organizing an       international competition at our place and we’re hoping that one day we’ll have Nordic.            championships here. It is quite big challenge but it’s necessary to have goals.

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The purpose of Nordic Eventing Challenge is to popularize the Eventing sport in Scandinavian and Baltic countries while giving our riders more possibilities as well as motivation to compete at CCI2* level, giving more experiences for growing up to CCI3* and higher levels

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