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Nordic Eventing Challenge

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Why we do what we do?

The purpose of Nordic Eventing Challenge is to popularize the Eventing sport in Scandinavian and Baltic countries while giving our riders more possibilities as well as motivation to compete at CCI2* level, giving more experiences for growing up to CCI3* and higher levels.

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When and where?

In our first year we will have three legs as follows:


  1. leg-06.06.22                           Strömsholm, SWE
  2. leg-03.07.22                           Olustvere, EST
  3. leg-23.07.22                           Lempäälä, FIN
What we do?

Nordic Eventing Challenge is a team competition on CCI2*-S level. Team consists a total of  3 – 5  riders. Every team has their own name. All team members should represent the same nationality and every nation could register several teams. The horses in different legs of the tournament can vary. 


Teams need to be registered before 1st of May 2022 by e-mail info@nordiceventingchallenge.com

General rules here

Third leg 23.07.22

Lempäälä, FIN

Eventing CCI2*-S

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